My Work

Fly Fishing Reel Packaging

  Being an avid fisherman, this project was inspired by my personal experience with fishing gear. I have bought many fishing reels, probably too many, and none of them have provided a real unboxing experience. When you buy something that costs upwards of $100, an unboxing experience really helps ease buyer’s remorse and reaffirms the value of an item.

Paper Towel Holder

“How can I simplify this?”  was all I kept thinking during this design process. A paper towel holder doesn’t need to be a focal point and shouldn’t be overly complicated. My solution was a simple and elegant structure with versatile appeal.  This project was submitted to a design competition held by furniture retailer Design Within Reach and was selected […]

BB8 Package

Designed the structure of the Orbotix BB8 toy . The design process was focused on creating a premium unboxing experience.  BB8 was ultimately the top selling toy of 2015. Package was featured on The Dieline. Pictures courtesy of The Dieline.

IDSA Lapel

IDSA Design to Print Pin Challenge, Finalist The Industrial Design Society of America held a design competition soliciting submissions for a 3D printed lapel to be distributed at their New York City design conference. The NYC transit system was the inspiration for my design.  The spirit of this competition was building something that embraced the city, and the transit system is one […]

Caroble Coffee Table

Caroble is a coffee table made of five pieces, making for easy construction and packaging. Fabric wrap stretches over the crossbeams and buttons into the underside of the table. Having a detachable wrap allows for easy customization where the consumer can change out material color or material. The inspiration for the name of the table is […]

Willies Reserve

Responsible for the structural design for Willy Nelson’s legalized marijuana brand, Willie’s Reserve. The Willie’s team had great direction for the finished product.  I ran with the design process to quickly deliver packaging that helped launch this product to market in 2016.  Product is currently only available in Washington and Colorado.

Print A Case/ Save a Life

Goal of this project was to create something that can 3d printed to help stop a bad habit. Smoking is a habit that affects a family not just the smoker. The concept was to print a case that held a photo of a loved one next to your cigarettes so you would think about who […]

Graphic Design

Some graphic design work and some of the process work that goes into each. I decided to go back and revisit this Arnold Palmer Poster I did while in college. Here is the before: Here is the after: I kept the same feel but updated it. Wanted to use the negative space of the golf […]

Seneca Table

Table concept that I wanted to combine the strength of steel and the warmth of wood. Used sheets of wood together to create the contrast in grain on the edges.

Antigravity Battery

A product and packaging concept for a device that works as a portable battery and car jump starter.